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Catherine Baba

Stylist, Creative Consultant, Costume Designer, Muse


Catherine Baba

Renowned for riding her bicycle through Paris in lavish self-styled outfits and vertiginous YSL heels, Catherine Baba’s life and career have soared into a constantly evolving creative adventure.

Catherine left the western suburbs of Sydney and headed to Paris to study at the famous Parisian fashion school; Studio Berçot.  Baba went on to debut at the Chanel Couture Atelier and then become a creative consultant for esteemed labels such as Ungaro, Givenchy and Balmain, as well as independent designers Jeremy Scott, Andre Walker and Marano.

Her work as a costume designer on the film My Little Princess earned her a nomination for Best Costume Design at France’s prestigious César Awards in 2011.

In 2012 Baba produced a couture costume jewellwry collection for Gripoix and designed an exclusive dress - 'La Baba' for VOGUE Fashion Night Out in Paris

She collaborated with Italian eyewear label Friend Of designing a range of sunglasses that are stocked at the iconic Parisian boutique Colette.

As a stylist, Catherine has worked for most of the world’s prestigious publications Vanity Fair, Dazed & Confused, VOGUE (U.S., Japan, China), Tank, Glamour (Italy), VOGUE Gioello, Interview, 10, Paper and Stiletto, amongst others and is now regarded as a social celebrity, seen in many a front row and a regular in best dressed lists and in editorial features around the globe.

Ode... The Birds

We Were Birds

Parrots On Shoulders Pirates Black Albinos Swaning

Oxford Parakeets City Night Pyrotech Crawling

Eclectic Fruity Batting

 Midnight Tawny Owling


The Isms The Ations

The Celebration Of Nations

The Diversity

The Frivolty

The Multiplications


The Silent Film

The Silver Screen

The Fabrications


The Tree Trunks Fulfilling

The Budgies Boogie

The Branches Embracing

Rising Choras Lining


We Were Opera Extasming



Cuckooing & Cockatooing


We Were Harbour Playing

Watsons Wattle Lady Wooiing




We Were Laughing

Kookaburras & Doves

We Were Miner & Lyrebirding

Never Burning


Rosellas Flashing Feathers Fantasia

Bellbirds Ringing Rhythmic Rhymes
Sounding In Stereo Schematics



Midnight Magpie Larking & Black Birding


We Were Soaring

We Were Swooning

Incandescent Honeyeating


We Were Galahing To The Flaming Morning Sun


We Were Swishing

We Were Swaying

Stork Spinning


We Were Emuing To The Electric Midnight Moon

We Were Didgeridooing

Divine Devotional Dreamtiming.