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Preface \ 00

The Return

Philosopher, Author

"We look at the world once in childhood, the rest is memory.

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Preface \ 01

Bill Henson


"As far back as I can remember it’s just been about making pictures - for better or worse, that’s what it’s always been for me."

Preface \ 02

Nick Cave

Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Author, Actor, Composer

"If you're Australian, you feel it in your bones because you're at odds with everybody else."

Preface \ 03

Margaret Pomeranz

Film Critic, TV Presenter, Ambassador

"I am passionate about our Australian screen heritage, and I’m aware of how fragile it is."

Preface \ 04

Marc Newson

Industrial Designer

"If you can just be yourself, then you have to be original, because there's no one else like you."

Preface \ 05

Warwick Thornton

Film Director, Screenwriter, Cinematographer, Artist

"In storytelling, there has to be a truth.  Even if its fictitious it has to be truthful to what you feel and who you are."

Preface \ 06

Laura Brown

Editor in Chief, Instyle Magazine (U.S.)

"In fashion you have to have dreams."

Preface \ 07

David Williamson

Playwright, Screenwriter

"I had an obsessive interest in telling stories from a very early age."

Preface \ 08

Christopher Doyle


"I was born Australian, but I'm more Francis Bacon than Mel Gibson - who is the antithesis of me.  Actually, I always wanted to be the Mick Jagger of cinema - but I think I'm more Keith Richards, by force of habit perhaps."

Preface \ 09

Kelvin Ho

Interior Designer, Architect

"It’s about space and light, an interesting relationship with the landscape and a connection to the land."

Preface \ 10

Emma Summerton

Fashion Photographer

"No, I don’t like having my photo taken. I like being in charge. I don’t like being told what to do."

Daniel Askill, IRIS Magazine
Preface \ 11

Daniel Askill

Filmmaker, Artist

"I just started making little movies at night in my bedroom."

Preface \ 12

Catherine Baba

Stylist, Creative Consultant, Costume Designer, Muse

"More is never enough."

Preface \ 13

Damon Young

Philosopher, Author

"Swimming is less a simple asylum from the world and more a heightened reminder of my place in it."

Preface \ 14

Ryan Lobo & Ramon Martin

Fashion Designer, Tome NYC

"It was an unspoken agreement - we just knew that one day when we did it, it would be together."

Preface \ 15

Omar Musa

Rapper, Poet, Author

"I’m combining gritty realism with something more surreal and hallucinatory."